The HP Scan and Capture app works on both Macs and PCs. This app is easy to use and will help you edit, save, or preview your photos on your computer. It captures images from any HP scanner and works with a camera already built into your computer.

You must go to the online page to download the HP Scan and Capture. Once the correct software has been downloaded, it needs to be installed. When installed correctly, you can easily follow the prompts to preview, edit, or save photos from your computer.

HP Easy Start

Before you try to do the HP Scan and Capture download, make sure your computer printer and scanner are connected and turned on. If you forget to take these steps, you might get an error after you try to install the app. This error would alert you that the software cannot locate the printer or scanner. If this happens, you need to be sure they are connected and turned on and try installing the software again.

If everything is connected, go to the download link. Make sure you are selecting the right one for your MAC or PC and that it is for the correct model. Click on the download button and wait. Once it has finished downloading, click the Launch button. Choose whether to work with your printer or camera.

Next, you can set your options or preferences for your scans. Once you pick your settings, you can scan items into the computer using the software. When you want to edit the photos or documents, open them individually and work on them. Be sure to save them before closing them.