HP Scan and Capture is an excellent program that will let you capture your photos and documents and store them on your computer. The software will work using your scanner or the camera that comes with your computer. All you need to do is download and install this program from HP.

HP Easy Start

You must download and install HP Easy Scan software for your PC or MAC to scan or capture photos. This is a simple task. Go to the website and choose your download. Make sure that you are on the correct page for your computer. If you have a Windows PC, ensure you are on the page where you can do the HP Easy Scan Download for a Windows computer. If you have a MAC, be sure you are on the MAC page.

You have a few options. You can download the HP Easy Scan Download HP Smart or Apple Image Capture. Choose the Easy Scan so that your download will be quicker and installation will be more straightforward.

Click the button to begin the download. The software should detect your printer right away. You can ask the software to check for updates if this does not happen. For example, if you get the error code that HP cannot detect a printer in your MAC, you will go to the Check for Updates link in the HP Easy Scan tab, which will appear for you after the initial download. Also, be sure your printer has been connected to the computer with the correct USB cord.

If you forgot to connect the printer, you can attempt to reinstall the software easily. Reconnect the printer, and using the software interface, choose the link next to the printer listed there. When finished, set your scan preferences and start scanning your photos.