How To Get Rid of Paper Jam Error in HP Printer

Hewlett Packard (HP) is a world-renowned company involved in producing hardware as well as software program components. Aside from the laptops, the 2nd primary product HP is well-liked is its wide range of printers. HP printer Help support is accessible in a variety of styles and specs to meet the particular specifications.

hp paper jam error

hp paper jam error

While doing so, you may come across several problems. One of the common issues of HP printer Assistance is related to paper feed or paper jam. Thankfully, each of these mistakes may be solved without any hassle. To locate the solution, initial, you need to know the cause behind these two mistakes. When the paper feeding process via the printer goes awry, a paper jam error happens. This results in a halt of the whole printing job and triggers the components of paper trapped inside the machine. To obtain rid of this problem, all you need to adhere to the beneath talked about actions:

  1. Cautiously check the paper tray to spot a paper jam, and if you find a piece of paper, gently pull it back. Now press the resume button to carry on printing works.
  2. Eliminate the rear accessibility door of an inkjet printer to see if there is any paper jam or not. If you find the same, use a clasp or the knob to release the door and take the paper out. Just make sure there is no paper, including any ripped piece of scrap. As soon as carried out, place the door back to its place.
  3. Lift the front cover and take out the paper that was creating a jam error if the issue persists. To reduce the danger of destroying the printer, be sure you draw the paper slowly and gradually.
  4. Now, examine the print carriage to ensure its correct working, i.e., moving freely from one side of the printer to the other.
  5. At this point, reload the plain papers into the paper tray plus press the continue button to print a tryout file.

To avoid this issue in the long term, do the following check:

  1. Work with one type of paper at a time.
  2. It doesn’t make a difference that the printer has one or multiple input trays, getting into the paper particulars to the printer manage segment could make you avoid this problem. You can offer this kind of paper thickness, type, name, and high quality.
  3. Check the documentation of your printer to understand whether or not it will accept that or not if you wish to use a specific type of paper.
  4. Location the paper correctly by modifying the width and the length